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Human Resources Management Solutions


Suite of management modules in three domains:

Enterprise Management Solutions

Litera’s Solutions from the People, Operations and Business domains can be customized.

Selected modules from each domain that suits the organization’s specific requirement can be aggregated to form the required system. The organization’s brand can also be included in the solution platform or interface. The existing names of fields as well as the interface of the dashboard can be tailored to suit the organization – Enterprise Management Solutions.

Litera also provides solutions for complex customization which may involve inclusion of real – time data and automation as well as the creation of new content

HR Information System card
Database (Graduate | Intership)
Online Training Management Litera Learn
Staff Attendance
Online Application
Claim | Training | Travel


Litera’s People domain offers solutions in training, HR processes, compliance, internship and recruitment.
Benefits :
  • Effective planning, management and control of HR costs
  • Allocation of only needed resources
  • Efficiency in decision making
  • Increase in productivity of both employees and managers

Investment Dashboard
Campus Management
Property Management
Hostel Management
Board Management
Point of Sales


Litera’s Business domain offers solutions customized specifically for the nature of the business of the enterprise. An Investment Holdings organization customized dashboard can assist in its strategic business decision and transactions. A university’s hostel or campus management system can help manage its facilities. A hotel’s customized point of sales system can help in revenue management

Task Management
Vendor Management
Online Helpdesk
Contract Management
Document Management
Expenses Management
Online Requisition
Asset Management


Litera’s Operations domain offers solutions for everyday operational activities: from requisition to approvals; resource contract and vendor management.
Benefits :
  • Effective planning, management and control of operational costs
  • Effective allocation of resources
  • Efficiency in vendor, contract & asset management

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